Summer Trends!

Jun 11, 2013

Looks like this summer is going to be all about the sweet memories we can create with our clothing.
Set to help us redo our closets, Bestow Elan,our award - winning womens label, has released 'Summer Memoirs', the ultimate summer collection for 2013.
We just loooove the spectacular use of African prints to create flawless and super feminine styles for the modern lady set to create a lovely 'summer memoir' .
What do you think?

Photo Credits:
                                                       Model: Merci Saidi
                                                                                          Photographs by Veronika Papadopoulou
                                                                            Make-Up Artist: Teresa Reynolds
                                                                           Shoes: Finsk At Soboye Boutique
                                                Jewellery: Joansu

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