Caring for our African Prints

Jul 17, 2013

So while we're all busy rocking our African prints, you'd agree we have challenges maintaining their lustre right?
Not forgetting the complicated embroidery, lace and diamante stones they're sometimes designed with.
Well we put a few tips together to help you care for your prints.
First of, you shouldn't wash your prints too often, dry them out in the sun instead. This way the fabric wouldn't fade early and you won't have to worry about loosing your embellishments.
Also, you should gently hand wash your African print clothes and avoid using strong detergents.
Lastly, pay attention to the temperature of heat you apply while ironing, most African prints are made of cotton, which would require high heat but they may have attachments made of linen, voile, silk, etc, which might require different temperature levels.
So there you go, hopefully your print clothes would now last longer than they usually do.

                       Photo Credits: Sarah Christian
                                               Afro Chic clothing
                                               Maksi Clothing
                                               Mina Evans
                                               N'kya Designs
                                               Poqua Poqu


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