It's the DENIMMAFIA by Akatasia!!

Jul 2, 2013

Its fun and affordable.
New style, new look.
Its a stylish and elegant full peplum jacket in the DENIMMAFIA collection by akataasia. It's detachable too!!!! 
We bet you haven't seen anything like this before. An all in one jacket that can be worn in six different ways!

Detach the sleeves and you have a sleeveless Peplum jacket.
Detach the peplum and awwww, an amazing Bomber jacket.
Detach the sleeves and peplum and baam!!, a sexy Vest. 
Have a lot of places to go in a day? Don't sweat it. Change your look with this elegant all in one jacket and feel new each time.
And guess what? It comes with extra sleeves and peplum in different colors. 

Super awesome right?!.

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