Jill of all Trades!

Jul 5, 2013

It's official!!
Alikoto Clothing has declared July the ladies month!
So this month has been dedicated to all the hard working ladies, the pace setters, the multi talented and daring ladies who are bending all the rules of nature just to succeed.
To celebrate the most outstanding one's, they've set up Jill of all Trades, an event that features ladies who are   primarily doing more than one activity successfully.
So far they've had 5 beautiful 'Jills' from diverse backgrounds pass through. 
Jill of all Trades currently runs on line and will soon be on tv. 
Watch out for it!
                                                                Sarah Christian
                                                           Maki Kawamoto

                                                                  Afiba Kyiamah

                                                      Esther Ashiakie Momono

                                                            Ayisha Lineo Gariba
Photo Credit: Gerard Nartey Photography

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