Work-appropriate Dresses You'll Actually Want To Wear After-Hours

Jul 9, 2013

Dressing for work doesn't exactly give us butterflies. If only our work wear could be a little more like our casual wear...we know you'll love that. Well, we've found the solution to your workwear dreads. These are 10 dresses that are fun classy and workplace-appropriate at the same time. Designed by our very own local designers. ...Duaba Serwaa, Christie Brown, sarah Christian, Mina Evans, Pokua Poku.... even better! Thanks to dramatic silhouettes, eye-catching colors, and trendy prints — you'll actually want to wear 'em long after the clock strikes five.
You'll definitely thank us when you no longer have to lug your "play clothes" to work in an overstuffed tote bag. *Wink*


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